Academic Calendar

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Key Academic Dates and Breaks for
2020-2021 Academic Year

August 31, 2020Opening Circle and Orientation
September 1, 2020Fall Semester Begins
September 20, 2020Rosh Hashanah (No classes/Office closed)
September 21, 2020Fast of Gedaliah (No afternoon classes)
September 27-28, 2020Yom Kippur (No classes/Office closed)
September 30-October 11, 2020Sukkot Break (No classes/Office re-opens Oct. 11) 
October 23-24, 2020Opening Shabbaton
December 11-20, 2020Chanukah Break (No classes)
January 7, 2021Fall Semester Ends
January 10-15, 2021Intersession (No classes)
January 17, 2021Spring Semester Begins
February 15-21, 20219 Adar Week (More information)
February 28, 2021Purim (No classes)
March 19-April 4, 2021Pesach (No classes/Office closed)
April 15, 2021Yom Ha’atzmaut (No classes)
May 16-18, 2021Shavuot (No classes/Office closed)
May 21-22, 2021Closing Shabbaton
May 27, 2021Academic Year Ends


Tiyulim for 2020-21

TBABiblical Seminar
TBAGush Etzion
TBAEin Gedi
TBAModern Israel
TBAClosing Shabbaton


Rosh Hodesh for 2020-2021 Academic Year

October 19, 2020Mar Cheshvan
November 17, 2020Kislev
March 14, 2021Nisan
April 13, 2021Iyar
May 12, 2021Sivan