Pardes Center for Jewish Educators

The Pardes Center for Jewish Educators (PCJE) trains and empowers day school teachers, experiential educators, and adult educators to serve as knowledgeable, skilled, reflective, and passionate Jewish professionals. Collectively, our alumni are inspiring thousands of students of all ages each and every day to be knowledgeable and proud members of the Jewish community. Whether you are an aspiring, novice, or seasoned educator, PCJE has programs and resources for you and your colleagues. The strongest educators know more!

Get Digital with PCJE

Faculty of the Pardes Center for Jewish Educators teach in the classroom but also online. Many of our teachers are featured on podcasts that are produced by the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies. Additionally, there is a library of downloadable content from Pardes’s Elmad online learning library.

Are you ready to hire a PCJE graduate as a teacher or Jewish educator?

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The Pardes Center for Jewish Educators Team

Aviva Lauer
Director of PCJE

Rachel Friedrichs
Assistant Director of PCJE

Ilana Gleicher Bloom
Director of Experiential Education

Sefi Kraut
Director of Mahloket Matters

Reuven Margrett
Director of Digital Content

Susan Yammer
Director of Alumni Support

Michael Hattin
Beit Midrash Coordinator for PCJE

Michael Emerson
Director of Special Projects

Avi Spodek
Director of Recruitment

Daniella Adler
Teacher Educator and Mentor

Rachel Margolin
Administrative Coordinator for PCJE