Pardes Center for Jewish Educators

The Pardes Center for Jewish Educators trains and empowers experiential educators, day school teachers and adult educators to serve as knowledgeable, skilled, reflective and passionate professionals for the Jewish world. In Jerusalem, the Pardes Center for Jewish Educators offers the pre-service Pardes Day School Educators Program (degree or certificate options) and the Pardes Experiential Educators Program (degree or certificate options), integrating Jewish text study, educator training, Israel education and personal and professional development within the open, inclusive learning community of Pardes.

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Get Digital with PCJE

Faculty of the Pardes Center for Jewish Educators teach in the classroom but also online. Many of our teachers are featured on podcasts that are produced by the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies. Additionally, there is a library of downloadable content from Pardes’s Elmad online learning library.

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Are you ready to hire a PCJE graduate as a teacher or Jewish educator?

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with a description of the position and we will try to make a shidduch!

As part of our commitment to our alumni, we invest in your continued professional growth after you graduate. In addition to organizing and running retreats and conferences throughout the year (see above for more information about these), we can provide you with one-on-one support, visits to your school and continued havruta study.

School visits and mentoring
PCJE is committed to supporting their alumni during the first years of teaching, which can be crucial to a teacher’s continued growth and success in the field. During an alumni’s early years, PCJE staff are available for a variety of support services, which include: school visits with one-on-one observations and meetings, continued havruta study, mentor matching, career consultation, troubleshooting and more.

Online communication and resources
PCJE offers a variety of ways for alumni to stay connected and continue their professional growth online.

  • PCJE Bites Alumni quarterly newsletter is the primary method of updating the alumni community. Through the newsletter, written both by PCJE staff and alumni contributors, we share valuable resources, personal updates on the lives of alumni, information about professional development opportunities and more.
  • The alumni listserv is a closed safe space where alumni can ask professional questions, share resources, get insights into other schools/communities and more.
  • Join our PCJE Network Facebook group – a close-knit community of educators who care deeply about Jewish education. We post resources, share ideas, ask questions, announce programs, publicize job opportunities, and a whole lot more.
  • PCJE has amassed and created an extensive and useful collection of content and resources for Jewish educators.

PCJE has partnered with the Pardes Center for Judaism and Conflict Resolution, which seeks to strengthen the Jewish culture of healthy and constructive conflict (mahloket l’shem shemayim) and the pursuit of peace (redifat shalom) through the integration of Jewish texts and values along with contemporary conflict resolution theories and practices. Our partnership has helped develop an array of educational programs and content for both Day School and experiential education settings.

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