Pardes Teacher Fellowship

Rabbi Yishmael bar (son of) Rabbi Yossi said: One who studies Torah in order to teach is granted the ability to study and to teach. One who studies in order to do is granted the ability to study, to teach, to observe, and to do. – Avot 4:6

The flagship program of the Pardes Center for Jewish Educators, the Pardes Teacher Fellowship (PTF) is an immersive, two-year teacher-training program that aims to produce knowledgeable, skilled, reflective and passionate Jewish Studies educators to work in North American Jewish day schools.

Fellows spend the first year of the program living in Jerusalem, deepening their knowledge of Jewish texts through study at the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies and improving their Hebrew language skills by participating in an Ulpan. In the second year of the program, Fellows complete a 10-month, fully-salaried teacher practicum at a North American Jewish day school, before returning to Jerusalem for one, final month of study and training.

Throughout the two years of the program, Fellows receive practical training in pedagogy for the Jewish Studies classroom, are matched with a personal mentor/coach and work toward the completion of a Master of Jewish Education (MJEd) from Hebrew College.

Graduates of PTF earn a Certificate in Jewish Studies from Pardes and are expected to spend at least one more year as a classroom teacher at a North American Jewish day school.

Associated Costs

PCJE has attempted to minimize the cost of the program for participants as much as possible by providing the following financial incentives for its Fellows: 

  • Fully subsidized tuition to study at Pardes
  • Fully subsidized Hebrew Ulpan
  • $1400 monthly living stipend
  • Financial aid available for MJEd


The ideal candidate for the program will have the following qualifications:

  • A Bachelor of Arts degree with an above-average GPA
  • A passion for Jewish knowledge and living
  • Experience with Jewish text study
  • Hebrew language skills

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