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Decorate your Sukkah with our “Expanded Ushpizin” printable artwork and learn more about prominent Jewish figures with an accompanying Sukkot study guide brought to you by Pardes faculty.

Sukkot is filled with calls to raise temporary dwellings, encouraging us to experience the world in a new way; including the symbolic ritual of the Ushpizin, where we invite a different guest into our Sukkah each night. This year we are inviting seven additional voices, as a chance to encounter the expansiveness of our tradition.

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Sukkot Torah from Pardes

Harvest more out of your Sukkot by exploring our library of Sukkot Torah and resources from Pardes faculty.

New from Pardes from Jerusalem!

Rabbi Michael Hattin returns to the studio to explore the multifaceted holiday of Sukkot. From its dual nature balancing community and individual perspectives to its fusion of agricultural and historical significance, Sukkot seemingly weaves together separate messages. Join Michael and Zvi as they dissect this duality, searching for unifying themes and delving into the deeper meanings behind Sukkot’s diverse aspects.

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