Mentor Matching

Individualized Support for Jewish Educators

Gain Insight from Experts

Benefit from individualized guidance with professional teacher-educators who specialize in Jewish education

Chart Your Own Course

Develop a personalized road map of goals to meet your needs and growth plan

Expand Your Toolbox

Tap into a rich reserve of educational resources, insights, and tools with the support of your personal mentor

Receive individualized virtual support, guidance, and feedback from experienced mentors and teacher-educators.

The Mentor Matching program pairs Jewish educators with professional mentors able to assist them with specific projects, while also providing guidance in exploring the fundamentals of curriculum design, accessing resources unique to Jewish studies, and utilizing valuable tools for educators.

The entire process is flexible and customizable to meet the needs of each participant.


Our mentors are available for both novice and senior educators who want to grow professionally and/or need a thought partner or guidance on a particular professional project.

When and Where?

Mentor matching is available year-round, with sessions scheduled according to your needs.

Mentoring takes place online, with each session lasting one hour.


The pricing structure for mentor matching is flexible, contingent on the number of sessions you schedule.

The base price is $585 for a package of 6 sessions, with discounts available for larger packages.