Not at all. Pardes students come from a wide range of backgrounds. Many have little or no experience with Jewish texts. You will be in good company as you learn with and from other students who will also be learning Jewish texts for the first time.

Although the Jewish texts we learn are often in Hebrew, the language of conversation at Pardes is in English; therefore it is important to be conversational in English. English is the language of all classes, formal and informal student discussions and special programs.

Currently, Pardes does not officially offer credit. However, some institutions may provide you with credit for your work at Pardes. Pardes does provide a transcript of your classes upon request, and students have found that this can be quite helpful when applying for jobs or to institutions of higher education.

A year of study in the Pardes Year Program serves as excellent preparation for rabbinical school. Pardes offers special support for students enrolled in our pre-rabbinic track. Participants in this track have a faculty mentor and enjoy special lectures from a range of guest speakers representing a variety of perspectives. Participants also meet representatives from various rabbinical schools. Pardes alumni have gone on to attend rabbinical schools from all of the major denominations. Click here to contact the rabbinical track faculty mentor.

Students who undertake full-time study and demonstrate community leadership in the Pardes Year Program will receive a certificate upon successful completion of the program.