Pardes Online Winter Learning Intensive (January)

Program Description

As we continue to navigate today’s global crises, Moses’s public charge to his successor Joshua – “be strengthened and courageous!” – is especially resonant. Join Pardes as we delve deeply into the texts of our tradition to explore the nature of resilience as embodied by individuals, leaders, communities and nations. Through this process, we will aim to discover new insights about our own vulnerabilities and strengths.

  • How are we “daring greatly” as communities and individuals? What might we learn from the models that Torah and rabbinic Judaism offer?
  • When is fear productive in our lives and when does it hold us back? What can vulnerability teach us?
  • How can we help each other become our best selves, as Moses did for Joshua?
  • What is the leadership that we need most at this time?
  • How does a community respond after total destruction? How do people begin to rebuild and flourish once again?
  • Are we adequately prepared to face future challenges? Do we have the courage to push forward with new ideas and new paradigms?
  • How can Torah make us strong, as the rabbis promise?

You’ll explore these questions – and so many more- through text study intensives with inspiring faculty, havruta (paired) learning, and workshops, together with a dynamic, international cohort of students and young professionals.

Registration deadline: December 17th APPLY NOW

The Winter Learning Intensive is open to students and young professionals of all Jewish backgrounds. If you are a seasoned community leader or professional (from all fields, Jewish and secular), adult lifelong learner or retiree, you might enjoy the Pardes Learning Seminar, which takes place in both late December and early July.

“Pardes has opened new doors and ways of thinking into my life, I am very grateful. This program has definitely given me so much to consider.” Lauren Lieberman (Winter 2020)

“It was a great experience. I enjoyed learning with different teachers and broader concepts. I am taking away a deeper understanding of some stories in the tanakh, and a greater appreciation for the opportunity to learn with my peers.” Haley Sklut (Winter 2020)

“Wow! So great! Learned some great thoughts about Torah that I can teach to my congregation when I go home. Met some new friends. Had fun, feel recharged. Was also really happy to be able to share some of my own skills and talents.” Cantor Kate Judd (Winter 2020)

“It was really fantastic to be in such an engaged and rigorous learning environment. The intellectual level of the classes was fantastic and the discussion was also. It reminded me how much I love learning.” Cohava Rubinstein Sturgess (Winter 2019)

“The week was really amazing. It was great to be back in the beit midrash, among peers and great teachers. I’m looking forward to developing a deeper lens for text study moving forward.” Larry Ginsburg (Winter 2019)

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2021 Highlights Include:

  • Rabbinic Responses to Past Pandemics with Levi Cooper
  • Walking With Your Inner Spirit: Cultivating an Understanding Heart with Yiscah Smith
  • Courage and Vulnerability: Judging Impact and Intention with Meesh Hammer Kossoy
  • Nothing “Novel” Under the Sun? Insights on the Pandemic from the Book of Kohelet with Judy Klitsner
  • From Joshua to Judges: The Courage to Lead with Aviva Lauer and Mike Feuer
  • Rabbinic Portraits of Resilience with Leah Rosenthal

This program is open to students and young professionals of all Jewish backgrounds. No previous experience with Jewish text study is necessary, and classes will be offered at a range of levels. Discussions will be conducted in English; texts will be presented in the original Hebrew and Aramaic, with English translations.

Full-Time Program $72
Enables participation in ALL Jewish learning sessions (Text Intensives, Electives, Contemporary Issues) and creative space sessions and platforms. Access to exclusive content, including the keynote session (live or recorded) and mind/body breaks.

Part-Time Program $54
Enables participation in Jewish Learning Electives and Contemporary Issues courses, and creative space sessions and platforms. Access to exclusive content, including the keynote session (live or recorded) and mind/body breaks.

Single Course $36
Enables daily participation in Text Intensive (Sun-Thurs) OR Contemporary Issues (Sun-Wed); each of these tracks includes some breakout havruta learning time.

A limited number of 50% OFF discounts are available for those whose livelihood has been affected by Covid-19. Please reach out to for more information.