Celebrating 50 Years

50 Years Kick-Off Ceremony

Overlooking the walls of Jerusalem, friends of Pardes gathered on September 19, 2022 at the Menachem Begin Heritage Center in Jerusalem for a beautiful program to kick off a year of 50th-anniversary celebrations. Viewers from around the world tuned in as well via live stream on Pardes’s Facebook page, many of whom left touching comments about the impact that Pardes had on their lives.

Ongoing and Upcoming 50th Year Programming 

Pardes alumni are making an incredible impact on our world.

In celebration of Pardes’s 50th, we are highlighting 50 standout alumni, one per week, whose accomplishments exemplify the rich texture of the Pardes community worldwide.

Celebrate 50 years of Pardes with a series of shiurim led by long-time Pardes faculty members.

From Rabbi Dov Berkovits to Rav Meir Schweiger, Pardes is hosting a series of lectures featuring faculty who have had a long-standing presence in the history of Pardes.

Mark 50 years of Pardes with our Winter Intensive exploring Jewish narratives.

Join us in Jerusalem for an unforgettable experience. Together, we will celebrate the ways in which our Jewish narratives serve as anchors and wellsprings for innovative approaches to Jewish life today.

A Pardes Executive Learning Seminar unlike any other, celebrating 50 years of Pardes!

We’ll explore Jewish storytelling in our texts and the diversity of media employed throughout  history — the arts, music, and film — to better understand the most elemental aspects of who we are.

The Next 50 Years with Pardes

As we celebrate and look back on 50 years of Torah with Pardes, we keep our eyes towards the future. 

Pardes has launched a $36 million capital and endowment campaign to enhance our physical space and technological infrastructure. Once completed, these improvements will bring the transformative educational experience of Pardes to more students, more teachers, more visitors and more members of the community.

If you believe as we do, that text study, with an eye towards contemporary relevance, can inspire personal and communal transformation, we invite you to learn more and to join us in our efforts.