2-Year MA in Jewish Education (with the Davidson School of Education at JTS)" />      

Pardes Experiential Educators Program
2-Year MA in Jewish Education (with the Davidson School of Education at JTS)

Program Description

The Pardes Experiential Educators Program – Two-Year Master of Arts in Jewish Education is designed for experiential educators who want to live and study in Israel for one to two years. The program combines classical Jewish text study at the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies with an online MA from The Jewish Theological Seminary’s William Davidson School of Education.

Program Components

  • Jewish Studies: Courses in Bible, Rabbinics, Jewish Thought, Prayer, and Jewish History to be taken as a fulltime student at Pardes in Jerusalem
  • Hebrew Language: Students must demonstrate Hebrew language proficiency at JTS’ lowest intermediate level (HEB 2201). Students receive one month of individualized program at Ulpan Or in Jerusalem during the summer preceding their year of study at Pardes, and then continue their Hebrew studies at JTS in order to reach the required level. If they have reached the required level (and passed the placement test) before they arrive at JTS, they need not take Hebrew courses during their time there.
  • Education Studies:  10 courses to be completed at JTS, in residency or online, during fall, spring, and summer semesters
  • Education Practicum: Part-time placement to be completed with supervision from The Davidson School in Israel or US
  • Israel Education: Year-round field trips and seminars at Pardes
  • Professional Enrichment: Participation in a professional cohort of the Pardes Experiential Educators Program and in collegial network of The Davidson School

Program Length: Two Years Full-Time

  • One academic year studying full-time at Pardes (September 1–May 31); additional part-time online courses taken at The Davidson School
  • One academic year working in supervised practicum (10 hours/week in the field plus accompanying online course); in-house or online courses at The Davidson School
  • Hebrew study in Jerusalem and at JTS

Hoping to hire a PCJE graduate as a teacher or Jewish educator? Please contact Rachel Margolin at rachelm@pardes.org.il with a description of the position and we will try to make a shidduch!


  • BA with above-average GPA
  • Professional experience in Jewish education

Admission Requirements:

  • Online application (to both Pardes and JTS)
  • An official transcript of academic records from all colleges and universities
  • Placement tests for Hebrew language and text levels
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Personal essay
  • Interview

At Pardes

Full subsidies awarded to all students for two semesters at Pardes and summer ulpan; $800 per month living stipend for 10 months.

At The Davidson School

All MA students at The Davidson School are considered for scholarships of up to 100 percent based on merit and need. Applicants must apply by March 1, 2020. Full-time students are funded for two years.

Applicants for these merit-based and need-informed fellowships must fill out the FAFSA (JTS Code 002740) so that the fellowship committee can assess financial need. To be considered for US Federal loans, you may work with the JTS Financial Aid office upon your enrollment.

The information on this page does not represent a funding guarantee for any current or future PCJE or Pardes student. All accepted PCJE students sign individual contracts with Pardes that confirm program dates, obligations, funding amounts and stipulations for the repayment of funds should program obligations be unmet. Please note that PCJE is not fully funded. As such, PCJE students that receive grants, scholarships or fellowships from other organizations must make reasonable contributions from these funds towards PCJE program costs. In some cases, Pardes coordinates such payments directly with the relevant organizations, institutions or programs; in other cases, the students themselves will need to coordinate these payments. Please address any questions to PCJE staff.

Pardes students usually rent apartments in Jerusalem. Pardes provides helpful housing resources to accepted students, including a listserve. Click here for more info about finding housing in Jerusalem.

Rachel Margolin
+972 2 673 5210 ext 244

The Davidson School:
Sarahann Goldstein
(212) 678-8032

Outside the Classroom

Beyond the classroom and beit midrash, students enjoy opportunities to explore Israel. Through special programming and tours, we discover the connection between the story of the Land of Israel and the Jewish people. We also grapple with the complexities of the modern State of Israel and how that can influence our Jewish identity.