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Community Beit Midrash Fall Kickoff

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Mechon Hadar, New York, NY

Rabba Yaffa Epstein will be speaking at the Community Beit Midrash Fall Kickoff at Mechon Hadar. Other speakers include Rabbi Ellie Kaunfer (Hadar), Dr. Erin Leib Smokler (Maharat), Rabbi David Silber (Drisha) and Dr. Eliezer Diamond (JTS). Click here for more details.

Elul Tour with Shulie Mishkin: The Mount of Olives and Nachal Kidron

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Join this fascinating tour to experience and study the amazing history of the ancient graveyard of the Mount of Olives. We will connect with the story of Rav Kook and other famous personalities who are buried there, to the ancient...

Professor Joel Hecker: How the Kabbalah Transformed our Friday Night Spirituality

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

7:30 pm

Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies, Talpiot, Jerusalem

Dating back at least as far as the Mishnah, Jewish mysticism was treated as a set of esoteric doctrines and practices, reserved for an elite few. And yet, secrets being secrets, a tension developed between the need to conceal and...