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Yom Iyun shel Chesed 2016

  • Catch!

  • All in a day's work at Pardes!

  • So many oranges rescued for a good cause!

  • Getting the family involved...

  • Success!

  • Acts of extreme chesed!

  • Going to pick oranges for Leket!

  • Kollel student David Wallach talks about doing acts of chesed in memory and honor of those we've lost, such as Marla and Ben.

  • Juggling in an orange grove!

  • Acts of chesed are fun!

  • Pardes gathers at Leket, Israel's largest food rescue organization, which works to rescue and distribute food amongst the growing numbers of Israel's disadvantaged.

  • Several of our Pardes students and our guest, one of the the world's four deaf rabbis, Yehoshua Soudakoff, joined our panel to discuss the works of chesed they do within the Jewish community and beyond.

  • Pardes year student Abigail Meerson leads the brunch in songs.

  • A chesed tisch and brunch!

Golan Tiyul 2017

This Pardes Life LIVE at the new Pardes office in WeWork

Pardes does BeerBazarre

The Pardes Executive Learning Seminar, Summer 2017

#Summer2017 Old City + Tunnel Tours

Tisha B'Av 2017

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First Day of School

Pardes Pantry Packers

Rabbinic Israel Tiyul + Shabbaton

Pardes Center for Jewish Educators Conference

  • Adam Tilove: in Judaism we venerate the “talmid hakham” - i.e., someone who likely has a high IQ. Why don’t we have as venerated a model for someone with a high EQ? #CultivatingTheWholeChildthroughAJewishLens #PardesCenterforJewishEducators

  • Marion Gribetz sharing David Moss’ brilliant “whole child” interpretation of the Binding of Isaac.

  • And now our creative interpretations...

  • Shira Heller: Teachers - plan a risk. Make yourself vulnerable in front of your students.

Negev Tiyul 2017

Pardes Ein Gedi Tiyul