Stu Jacobs

Year '02-'03, Summer '08, Pardes Educators Program '11-'13

“After studying the methods and art of teaching in the classrooms of Pardes for the past three months, it was very refreshing and motivating to find myself observing the real-life dynamic of teaching in a classroom. While I gained many insights into the challenges, opportunities, and great responsibilities of being a Jewish educator through the observation of a range of classes, I found the greatest lesson learned to be the inter-connectedness of school culture, space, and values with the actual formal teaching in the classroom. Even though many differences exist between the Hartman High School for Boys in Jerusalem and the Jewish school in which I will someday find myself teaching, thanks to my observation experience I feel better equipped to anticipate how a school’s overall makeup will affect and inform my classroom teaching experience.”

Stu Jacobs, Cleveland, OH
University of Michigan; Major: Organizational Studies