Sharoni Sibony

Summer '11

“Mike Feuer’s class was one of my most memorable moments. His open discussion of his views on Israel’s past, present, and future were really substantive and informative. My training in traditional texts is informal, as I’m a product of a public, not parochial, school system. I came to Pardes looking for points of access into both Tanakh and Talmud – not just thematically or topically but also, especially, in terms of skill sets (e.g., how and when to use a Biblical concordance or a Talmudic dictionary, etc.). Pardes helped me to develop a critical apparatus that I can carry forward in my own learning and in my work at the JCC. I had a wonderful month in Israel, and I have a new and deeper appreciation for how people learn Torah, as well as for a number of big ideas in Jewish history.”

Sharoni Sibony, Toronto, Canada
University of Toronto; Major: Literature
Indiana University; Literature