Rachel Bikofsky

Summer '16, '15, '14, '13, '12. '11

“I first came to the Pardes Summer Program five years ago, never having learned in a beit midrash and with only a vague idea of what “Gemara” actually was. I figured it would be an interesting learning experience and a good way to deepen my religious practice. Little did I know that attending Pardes would become my favorite annual ritual–I just finished my fifth summer program.
As an elementary school teacher, I have summers off, and there’s a whole world of countries I’ve never visited. Why, then, do I keep coming back to Pardes? It’s the people. Every year, my fellow students inspire and challenge me with their openness and curiosity. But it’s the teachers who have, over the years, become like family. I’ve been fortunate to learn with some outstanding educators at Pardes who also have a talent for truly listening to their students and connecting with them. My teachers have been my greatest guides in my religious and spiritual journey, and my relationships with them have truly shaped the person I have become. Pardes has become an essential part of my life because it fills my deepest needs for interpersonal connection and religious development. I feel so blessed to be part of the Pardes family and hope I will be able to return for many more summers.”

Rachel Bikofsky, Boston, Massachusetts
Third Grade Teacher