Lucas Espinosa Menendez

Summer '16

“My experience at Pardes has been interesting, eventful, inspiring. I got here to Pardes because Yaffa Epstein emotionally blackmailed me (laughs). She told me, “You have to come learn with me at Pardes next summer! Look, I’m coming on these dates. I’ll wait for you!” And she was so serious about it, I just had to say yes (laughs). And then I had friends who came here as well, and I got really interested, and now I’m here. So far, I don’t think I have one favorite thing here, I just like the fact that you have Gemara in one class, Torah in another, and then Midrash in another one, and to see the three big texts in one day. But the thing I like best even if it’s a place that is not so obviously run by Orthodox, it’s really inclusive of all denominations, and really is like an interfaith community that I find interesting.”

Lucas Espinosa Menendez, Chile
Interveiwer, Photographer and Anthropologist