Laurie Franklin

Year '12-'13

“At the end-of-spring-semester, Pardes-wide siyuum (celebration of completion of study), I was one of a handful of students from Michael Hattin’s Bekkiut Neviim Rishonim (survey of the first prophetic books–Joshua, Judges, Kings and Samuel) who gave divrei Torah (Torah teachings). Here’s the picture: As I speak, I see the face of my teacher, Michael Hattin. He is sitting forward in his chair, smiling, expectant. He wants to hear my thoughts. I am grateful for the warmth and support of an inspired and inspiring scholar. I describe my year at Pardes as a “studycation”, but it was much more than that. Not only did I learn, but I also built precious relationships that will stay with me. What an amazing year! What a gift! What a blessing!”

Laurie Franklin, Missoula, Montana
ALEPH Rabbinical Student