Daniel Mackintosh

Summer '16

“Originally, when I moved to the UK, in that first year, I set myself one goal, and that was to get to Pardes. I heard about it before at Limmud. I wanted to come to Jerusalem and I wanted to get real serious study in a more progressive environment. Then I did the Elul program, which I was totally surprised by, and moved by, and I think the thing that really made me reflect and I was so excited about, was that everyday I came to a serious institute of learning, where everyday I would study for 9 hours a day, and throughout Elul, I was asked tough questions about who I was, about what kind of human being I want to be, and I had never been in an educational environment that also challenged me about becoming a more decent human being. And that carries out still. So now I’m on the summer program of 2016. It’s been really good. I’ve done some classes with some brilliant teachers and it has re-excited me about getting into Talmud and Gemara, which are the things I love, especially coming from a law background. And it’s pushed me again to set up something that I could do on a regular basis back in London. To come to be in Jerusalem, to come with my partner, to study everyday…it’s been a privilege.”

Daniel Mackintosh, London, UK
Community Organizer for Citizens UK