The Pardes Bonim Society

Bonim – builders in Hebrew – speaks to our role as builders of Pardes. The Pardes Bonim Society is composed of a significant group of Pardes supporters dedicated to the strengthening and building up of Pardes programmatically and operationally over the next three years.

Gold Members commit to gifts of $5,000+ per year for three years.
Silver Members commit to gifts of $1,800+ per year for three years.

By joining the Pardes Bonim Society, you ensure that more Jewish young adults will make powerful connections to their heritage, rather than drifting away from it. You ensure the ongoing infusion of passionate and knowledgeable educators and Jewish professionals into North America and who themselves will reach thousands. And you ensure that thousands more will live richer, more meaningful Jewish lives.

To join, contact Joshua Chadajo at or Jackie Frankel at Special Bonim events and more will be shared upon joining.

Founding Members


Anonymous (A, C)
Anonymous (A, C)
Alan and Valerie Adler (A)
Tabby and John Corre (A, C)
Colleen and Richard Fain (C)
Cheri Fox (A, C)
Mark Freedman and Leslie Klein (A, C)
Michael and Rebecca Gordon (A,C)
Hellman Foundation (C)

Audrey Kaplan Scher and Harvey Scher (A, C)
Bryan and Heather Kocen (A, C)
Mark and Gloria Levenfus (A, C)
Morlie and Norman Levin (A, C)
Sam Markowitz and Dammara Kovnats Hall (A, C)
Juan Mesa-Freydell and Catherine Stoll (A, C)
Barbara Osband and Yardaena, Mechael , Noam and Dovid (A, C)
Matthew and Shirley Schein (A, C)
Deborah Shapira and Barry Stern (A, C)
Adam and Lynne Weinstein Frank (A, C)
Moshe and Libby Werthan (A, C)
Della Worms (A, C)


Anonymous (A)
Andi and David Arnovitz (A, C)
Thomas and Jill Barad (A, C)
Yisrael Campbell (A, C)
Mark S. Cohen and Roberta Weinstein-Cohen (A, C)
Michael Conway and Paul Lobkovich (A, C)
Charles and Aviva Freedman (A, C)
Larry and Josie Kluger (A, C)
David Kuney and Cathy Simon (A, C)
Ilana and Mark Meskin (C)
Henry and Maureen Molot (A, C)

Rabbi Leon A. Morris and Dasee Berkowitz (A, C)
Sherwin and Shoni Pomerantz (A, C)
Falynn Schmidt (A, C)

(A) indicates alumni status and (C) indicates contributions to the Campaign for the Generations, Pardes’s capital and endowment campaign.