PCJE Summer Curriculum Workshop

Program Description

The PCJE Summer Curriculum Workshop is a highly-subsidized professional development program for alumni of the Pardes Day School Educators Program who teach grades K-12 in North American Jewish day schools and who have been teaching for no more than three years.

Program Highlights

The Summer Curriculum Workshop will:

  • Support each participant in the development of an excellent curricular unit of teaching informed and inspired by UbD, 21st-century learning principles, and Jewish values.
  • Provide individual mentoring, professional seminars, and text study.
  • Give participants the chance to re-connect with colleagues and Pardes teachers and mentors.
  • Re-energize and inspire participants for the upcoming academic year.

“I so enjoyed my time at Pardes this summer! I feel that I was so productive and have great things to take home and implement during this school year and beyond, and I am very refreshed and ready to take on new challenges. It was great to learn with former teachers, be inspired seeing new students at Pardes, and to immerse myself back into the Pardes culture. I am hopeful that I will have this opportunity in some capacity in the future. Todah rabah rabah again!”

– Ilan Weismark, middle school teacher, Davis Academy, Atlanta

“The SCW is the best gift a teacher can receive! After working with the incredible mentors and collaborating with colleagues, I was filled with renewed energy, inspiration and ideas to bring into the new school year.”

– Aleeza Adelman, elementary school teacher, New Orleans Jewish Day School

“This type of professional development is essential in the fight against teacher burn-out. I feel recharged and inspired, and ready to bring that inspiration to my students.”

– Stephen Belsky, high school teacher, Akiva Hebrew Day School

The Summer Curriculum Workshop is open to alumni of the Pardes Day School Educators Program who:

  • Are currently in their first three years of teaching (Cohorts 16-18)
  • Teach grades 3-12 in a North American Jewish day school of any denomination
  • Will be teaching in a day school in 2020-2021

Participant schools are asked to contribute $500.

For more information email aviva@pardes.org.il.