Pardes Summer Housing Suggestions

Pardes summer students are responsible for finding their own accommodation during their stay. Short-term housing in Jerusalem comes in all shapes and sizes! If you are willing to live with housemates, there are many Israeli students who sublet their rooms for the summer and this is a great way to find an affordable housing option. These are largely advertised in the ‘sublet’ groups on Facebook. For those looking for an independent apartment, the best options include Airbnb and some of the housing groups listed below. Please note, this list includes both short and long-term accommodation offerings, so may not be suited specifically for your short-term needs – please check this closely. Using Hebrew websites and Facebook groups with google translate enabled will increase your possibilities widely! Even if they advertise in Hebrew, start writing to them in English – most Israelis will be happy to continue with you in English.

Israel Youth Hostel Association IYHA