Pardes Shana Bet Fellowship

Craving Another Year in the Pardes Beit Midrash?

The Pardes Shana Bet Fellowship is open to exceptional students with proven leadership skills and a commitment to community-building who have spent at least one year of full-time study learning in an immersive Beit Midrash setting, either at Pardes or in another yeshiva, seminary, midrasha or learning institution.

Fellows set the tone for the community, inside and outside the Beit Midrash, exemplifying a serious approach to their studies and embodying Pardes’s core values of community building, inclusiveness, mutual respect, diversity and generosity of spirit. Shana Bet Fellows are responsible for multiple facets of Pardes community-building including, night seder, student Shabbat hospitality, holiday programming, social gatherings, and trip planning. Fellows meet bimonthly with a faculty advisor for assessing community needs and planning.

All Shana Bet Fellows are full-time participants of the Pardes Year/Semester program.

Admissions are rolling, with financial aid priority given to earlier applicants.

All Shana Bet Fellows will receive:

  • A living expenses grant of $700/month
  • Fully subsidized tuition