Pardes Shana Bet Fellowship

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Are you yearning to return to the Beit Midrash? Was your time at Pardes/ yeshiva/ seminary / midrasha amazing and you still want more? Here’s how you can make it happen!

The Pardes Shana Bet Fellowship is open to exceptional students with proven leadership skills and a commitment to community-building who have spent at least one year (post high school onwards) of full time study learning in an immersive Beit Midrash setting, either at Pardes or in another yeshiva, seminary, midrasha or learning institution. Pardes Shana Bet Fellows will be awarded a full tuition scholarship and a $700 monthly stipend.

Pardes Shana Bet Fellows set the tone for all that the Pardes community can be both inside out outside the beit midrash, exemplifying a serious approach to their studies and embodying core Pardes values of community building, inclusiveness, mutual respect, diversity and generosity of spirit. Shana Bet Fellows are welcoming, friendly and work towards building an atmosphere of collegiality.

-One year or more of post high school, full time study in a yeshiva / beit midrash / midrasha / seminary / other Jewish text study institution

-Eligible students are coming to Pardes to study ‘l’shem shamayim’ – not in conjunction with another program concurrently. Inquire about your specific circumstances before applying.

Specific Fellowship Requirements
Alongside their full time Torah learning, they take a lead in multiple facets of Pardes community-building with the help of a faculty mentor.

  • Attending / facilitating groups at night seder
  • Arranging matching of guests and hosts for Shabbat hospitality
  • Jewish holiday programming
  • Coordinating social gatherings (e.g. Fri night tisch, open mic night, etc.)
  • Supporting logistics for overnight student trips – enhancing the trip with extracurricular programming
  • Bi monthly meetings with other Shana Bet Fellows and faculty advisor to discuss community needs and projects in the pipeline.
  • Building a feeling of community spirit and collegiality within the student population

Pardes Shana Bet Fellows will be awarded a full tuition scholarship and a $700 monthly stipend. Semester-only students may apply for a Shana Bet fellowship, however priority consideration is offered to year long students.

Pardes Year Program / PCJE Alum: Fellowship Application

Applicants from other learning institutions: Fellowship application

For applicants from other institutions, two letters of recommendation from a Rabbi, or former teacher/ supervisor are required. The recommendation should support the candidate’s seriousness as a student, and attest to the candidate’s community building experience. These recommendations must be submitted along with the Shana Bet application form.
Application deadline: May 15, 2023
Limited slots available. For more information, email