Pardes Faculty Around the World

North America

Dec 13-14: Rav Rahel Berkovits will be the Shabbat Scholar-in-Residence at Shaarei Tefilla in Newton, MA.

United Kingdom

Join Pardes alumna Rabbi Eryn London for parts 2 & 3 of her “Caring with Presence” learning series, presented by JOFA UK.
Nov 27, 8 pm: Visiting the Sick
Dec 8, 8 pm: Comforting the Mourner
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Learn with Gila Fine in the UK:
The next 4 Wednesdays (through Dec 18) at LSJS, 10-11:45 am. 
Catch parts 4-7 of Gila’s 7-part series on Strangers in Strange Lands: Tales of Traveling RabbisClick here for details and to book.
Nov 21-22: Shabbat scholar-in-residence at Oxford University

Nov 30, after Musaf, at Central Square Minyan: 
Like a Moth to a Flame: The Danger of Rabbinic Transgression
Dec 6, 16:45 at Dunstan Road:  
“That Day His Soul Rested”: The Mercy Killing of Rebbe
Dec 13 -14 at Shomrei HaDas:
after Maariv — The Man who Made It Rain: The Rise and Fall of Honi the Circle Drawer
during supper —  Back to the Future: The Day Moshe Failed His Torah Class
after Musaf — The Festival of Darkness: On the Primordial Origin of Chanukka