Netziv Fellowship: Torah, Tefillah & Traditional Observance

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Are you dedicated to the halakhic practice of traditional Jewish observance, including tefillah, Shabbat and kashrut – and eager to grow on this path?

Do you believe that Torah belongs to ALL Jews, and that our conversations, understandings and practices are profoundly enriched though encountering a diversity of Jewish voices?

Do you find yourself searching for spaces in the Jewish world where you can live out both of these truths in a sustainable, authentic way, in line with your values and in celebration of your commitments? 

If you answered “YES!” – read on!

Honoring diversity of Jewish thought and practice across a wide spectrum is fundamental to the mission of Pardes, and as such Pardes does not require or mandate any specific type of observance from all students; at the same time, we recognize that shared experiences or commitments can be fundamental to leading a religiously fulfilling lifestyle for many.

To that end, we’ve created the Pardes Netziv Fellowship – an opportunity for students dedicated to halakhic observance to serve as pillars of support for one another, enjoying a cohort-within-a-cohort experience.

The fellowship aims to combine the rigor of traditional yeshiva life with a steadfast commitment to fostering a culture of community-building across difference; now more than ever, we believe that the Pardes Beit Midrash can serve as a powerful remedy for a painfully polarized Jewish [and broader] world.

Embodying the spirit of the traditional Volozhin Yeshiva in a gender inclusive setting, Netziv fellows spend full days in the Beit Midrash as models of committed learners and core minyan-goers.  Faculty mentoring and a semi-weekly haburah (small study group) supports students in translating their learning into inspiration for religious growth.


The Pardes Netziv Fellowship is open to exceptional students with proven commitment to growing or established traditional observance and community-building. 

  • All fellows will receive a guaranteed living expenses grant ranging from $200-$600/month (exact amount determined by financial need) AND receive highly subsidized Year Program tuition: $3,000 discount for those not eligible for Masa Israel Journey funding, and $2,000 discount for those eligible for Masa funding.
  • Netziv fellows are full-time Pardes students, studying “l’shma,” and should not be enrolled in another program concurrently; please inquire about your specific circumstances before applying. Both fall semester and full year students will be considered. 


Alongside their full time Torah learning, Netziv Fellows take a lead in multiple facets of Pardes community-building, with the support of a faculty mentor. 

  • Attending / facilitating groups at night seder
  • Spending full days and multiple evenings in the bet midrash
  • Consistent attendance at a daily Pardes mincha minyan
  • Twice weekly Shaharit minyan attendance, either at Pardes or with other cohort members in a local minyan
  • Attending supplemental semi-weekly fellowship support sessions (haburah)
  • Periodic meetings with Mentor/Mashgiach(ah) Ruchani(t)
  • Hosting monthly traditional Shabbat meals

A letter of recommendation from a supervisor who can speak to the candidate’s relevant community experience and potential growth and contributions through the fellowship is required. This may be one of the two letters of recommendation required for the YP application, or an additional recommendation. The letter must be submitted along with the Fellowship Application and the Pardes 2023-24  Year Program application.

2023-24 applications are due by May 15, 2023.

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