Yitz Muroff

Yitz Muroff loves learning and teaching Torah because of its capacity to connect us to our tradition and change the ways we think, feel, and make choices.  

Yitz brings a queer approach to Torah learning. This manifests not only through engagement with content that deals with gender and sexuality, but also through seeing each text on its own terms. Yitz aspires to expose texts that masquerade as detached and technical as sites of deep meaning that offer spiritual teachings and life advice. 

Yitz brings experience to their teaching from learning Torah at Yeshivat Maale Gilboa, Hadar, Drisha, and Pardes; studying English Literature at Cornell University; and coordinating educational programming at Kivunim, Ramah Israel, and Pardes. 

Outside of Pardes, Yitz is passionate about working with people with special needs and producing music