Daniel Reifman

Daniel teaches Talmud in the Pardes Kollel and the Intensive Talmud Skills course. His education attests to his wide-ranging intellectual interests: he holds a B.A. in biology from Columbia University, rabbinic ordination and an M.A. in Tanakh from Yeshiva University, and a Ph.D in hermeneutics from Bar-Ilan University.

Daniel has taught at Midreshet Lindenbaum and Midreshet AMIT in Jerusalem, at the BINA Secular Yeshiva in Tel Aviv, and at the Drisha Institute and Yeshivat Chovevei in New York. He has published and lectured widely on topics in the philosophy of halakhah and Jewish medical ethics. Currently, he also teaches at the Institute for Advanced Torah Studies at Bar-Ilan and is the director of the Drisha Summer Kollel.

Daniel lives in Yad Binyamin with his wife and five daughters.

Contact: Daniel.reifman@pardes.org.il