Counting Up with Pardes North America & Limmud North America

Launching April 15 – Jewish Ideas in Your Inbox from Passover to Shavuot

Pardes North America is proud to once again partner with Limmud North America on the 49 Steps Project. Sign up to take part in daily reflections for the seven weeks of the Omer, the period between Passover and Shavuot. Pardes North America will be among a wide array of voices from across the Jewish community connecting you with new perspectives and opportunities to learn and grow.

Learn at your own pace with several Shavuot-themed podcasts!

In this podcast, Rabbi Michael Hattin considers one of the Torah’s most glaring omissions — the calendar date of the Revelation at Sinai. Why does the Torah fail to mention this critical fact, even though Pesach and Shavuot have their designated dates?

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In this pre-Shavuot podcast, Judy Klitsner explores two paradoxical elements of the revelation at Sinai: our intimate, yet distant, relationship with God; and our special, yet not so special, place among the nations. In exploring these contradictions, we will consider the overall benefits of the text’s paradoxical nature.

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In this class that was recorded LIVE at Pardes, Tovah Leah Nachmani explores how the unexpected tensions in the Book of Ruth are played out through the secondary characters as they interact with Ruth and Naomi. Midrashic and mystical sources will raise practical questions and dilemmas about how these characters evoke us to evaluate the advantages and flaws of human compassion and judgment.

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rabbi meir schweiger

In this podcast, Rabbi Meir Schweiger examines chapters 19 and 24 of the Book of Exodus. He discusses how Revelation, the I-Thou encounter, is not the end goal but the crucial prelude to covenant and commitment.

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Take on the 10 Commandments and Prepare for Shavuot with the Pardes Shavuot Companion