New Facilities

More Space

Pardes is bursting at the seams. With approximately 54,000 square feet, the new facility will accommodate 4 times Pardes's current number of students.

A Communal Hub

Currently, Pardes hosts standing-room-only programs for the public. The new 250 person theater will allow Pardes to accommodate the public demand for its programs.

New Technology

Pardes aims to integrate the best educational technology available for both classroom-based and online learning. That's why Pardes is working with technology, communications and acoustics consultants to ensure that our new building is equipped with first-rate technology and that the physical plant can accommodate new technologies in the future.


Pardes is an incubator for cutting edge initiatives, but there is currently limited space and resources to nurture them. The new facility will have both, enhancing faculty collaboration and experimentation.

"All renderings of the facility, both interior and exterior, are drafts and are subject to change.