A Letter from Our Leadership

Dear Supporters and Friends of Pardes:

Anne Frank said, “First we make our choices. Then our choices make us.”

Four decades ago, someone made a choice – a choice to offer individuals an opportunity to seriously study Jewish texts and traditions in an open and accepting environment. Since then, over seven thousand people have proactively engaged with their Jewish tradition and heritage in this way. These choices have combined to make Pardes the transformative institution it is today: changing individual lives, and those lives changing the communities, indeed the world, around them.

Pardes stands at a defining moment, on the cusp of a major possibility. We embrace and are seizing this moment, undertaking an ambitious campaign to build a new campus and global hub for Pardes, and to grow the endowment to fund our many priorities today and going forward. We ask people of all backgrounds and across traditional boundaries to join with us as we, together, improve and advance Jewish learning and life.

We make this choice as we truly believe that it is in the best interest of each individual member of the Jewish community to have a place to call his or her own, a place to discover who he or she is as a Jew in the world today, and a community within which to grow knowledge, capability, and acceptance.

Our new campus will enable us to bring this proposition to four times as many students and many more visitors, as well as countless others who will be able to access educational content online. This choice makes us better, more responsible to others, and to the Jewish community as a whole.

Please make your choice by joining us on this journey. Just imagine what the opportunity to give such a gift to the Jewish community could make you.

Thank you in advance for your generous support.

Leon Morris

Deborah Shapira

Sherwin Pomerantz


Capital Campaign Committee
Joshua Chadajo 
Jill Dalin
Mark Freedman
Avrum Lapin
Moshe Werthan
Building Committee
Alan Adler
John Corre
Jonathan Kalman
Phil Schwartz
Joel Weiss
Moshe Werthan