April 2020: Campaign for the Generations Update

Post on April 7, 2020

Large construction projects often have unforeseen setbacks, but those setbacks are not typically measured in nanometers. Sadly, such is the case today given the covid-19 pandemic.

With movement and commerce highly limited due to government restrictions, Pardes and the firms working alongside us on the construction of Beit Karen are adjusting to the new reality. Despite the challenges, we are proud to report that we continue to make progress.

Our consultants are continuing to work under the coordination of our architect, Matti Rosneshine, providing their opinions and drawings for inclusion in the overall plans. Significant progress has been made with key consultants, including the structural engineer, HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning), fire and safety and plumbing to ensure that our building is not just beautiful, but is also designed to accommodate a state of the art physical plant. Additionally, our application for the excavation permit is now complete and we are working to overcome municipal delays caused by the current situation in order to formally submit the application.

We are also excited to share that just this past week we secured a new $350,000 gift to the Campaign for the Generations. With this gift, we have surpassed $20,000,000 and are 55% of the way to our goal of $36,000,000.

This week we begin the holiday of Pesach, which is one of the main celebrations of the year when home customs and traditions are of the essence. The progress we are making towards Pardes’s new home is possible because of your support. Thank you!

Torah is “[our] life and the length of [our] days” (Deuteronomy 30:20). We will share in Torah learning and the expansion of Pardes’s Torah learning in our new home soon together. Like the Israelites who sang their victory song, Shirat HaYam, after crossing the Sea of Reeds, let us be at the peak of our faith at this difficult time and move from slavery to freedom, from uncertainty to fortitude, and from tribulation to hope.

We look forward to learning with you in Beit Karen in 2024.