“HaMishna shel Rebbi – A New Book from Rabbi Dov Berkovits

Rabbi Dov Berkovits (Legacy Faculty) has provided the Pardes community with a Rosh Hashana preview of his upcoming book. Below, you can read his message to our community and download your copy. 

Please note: The preview and upcoming book are in Hebrew only. 

The insert on Masechet Rosh Hashana that you may download below (that, hopefully, will make the chag even more meaningful than what you always experienced) is a chapter from a book I have authored entitled “Hamishna shel Rebbi”. Be’ezrat Hashem the book will be published in a few months by Tevunot Publishing of Herzog College in partnership with Pardes. For me, there couldn’t be anything more personally meaningful than to have my writing on the Mishna be the first Pardes publication in Hebrew (may there be many more!)

I am deeply grateful to Neil Schechter, a lifelong Pardes learner and lay leader, for his gracious support of this important project and to Pardes President Rabbi Leon Morris for his initiative to bring this to fruition.

Ketiva vachatima tova,

Rak tov for everyone in the Pardes community,

Dov Berkovits