25 Pardes Alumni Ordained This Spring Across Denominations

Pardes is excited to announce that 25 alumni were ordained as rabbis this spring!

Pardes has always proudly welcomed Jews of all Jewish backgrounds, beliefs, and denominational affiliations to our programs. It is often said that the cross-pollination that takes place in our Beit Midrash is the secret sauce that makes the Pardes experience so extraordinary. As such, we take particular pride in the fact that these 25 alumni listed below were ordained from six different rabbinical schools and collectively represent a spectrum of Jewish affiliations and denominations.

Pardes offers programs in partnership with a variety of rabbinical schools that specialize in day school and experiential Jewish education. Many students also enroll in the Pardes Year/Semester Program as a mechina year, a year of learning in preparation for entry into rabbinical school. For more information, contact Carmella Rose at carmella@pardes.org.il.

Pardes regrets any omissions or errors on this list. Please contact jamie@pardes.org regarding corrections.

Hebrew College

Sara Blumenthal Hourly ’20
Giulia Fleishman Year ’16
Joseph Glick Year ’16
Genevieve Greinetz Summer ’15, ’18 & Spirituality Retreat ’17, ’18
Stephanie Kennedy Year ’16 & Fellow ’17
Talia Laster Year ’17
Yael Werber Kollel ’20

Hebrew Union College

Jonathan Falco Summer ’12
Rebecca Sabin Hecht Silicon Valley Beit Midrash ’15, ’16
Michael Lewis Year ’19-’20
Leah Nussbaum Part Time ’19
Eliza Scheffler Summer ’16
Noah Westreich Hourly ’18

Jewish Theological Seminary

Gabe Cohen Year ’15
Jesse Nagelberg Year ’17
Ben Varon Summer ’20
Naomi Zaslow Year ’11-’12 & Educators ’12-’14

Yeshivat Maharat

Emily Goldberg Winer Mahloket Matters Fellowship ’22
Yael Keller Year ’10
Phoebe Ana Rabinowitsch Year ’17
Adina Fredman Jewish Heritage Travel (Poland) ’13
Amy Newman Summer Curriculum Workshop ’08

Reconstructionist Rabbinical College

Sarah Brammer-Shlay Part Time ’21
Allyson Zacharoff Year Program ’17

Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies

Cheryl Stone Educators ’10-’12