Rabba Yaffa Epstein Remarks for Summer Program Opening Lunch

Dear Pardes Summer Program participants, and to the entire Faculty and Staff of Pardes,

As some of you know, I began my sixteen years at Pardes, in the Summer Program in 2003. There I met incredible teachers – who taught me how to learn beautiful Torah, ask good questions, and to act in this world from a place of integrity and love. I met Havruta partners who would become life long friends, and who shared their Torah that stays with me to this day.

The next year in June 2004, I was blessed to have the opportunity to teach at Pardes for the first time, to join the esteemed faculty of the Pardes Summer program, and to have incredible students who asked insightful questions, and who brought their voices to the conversation.

Since then, I have been a part of the Pardes Summer program for 15 years, and have been personally and professionally transformed.

I watched hundreds of students dedicate themselves to learning, to creating community and to finding their voices in Jewish tradition.

I feel incredibly blessed to have been a part of the Pardes family – an inspiring group of Board Members, Senior Staff, Faculty, Staff, and Students who are dedicated to learning Torah and to building Jewish community from a place of depth, love and integrity.

You are each in for an incredible summer, and I want to bless you that you soak in all of the beauty and wonder of Torah, Jerusalem, and Diverse Jewish community.

Now, Go and learn!

Rabba Yaffa Epstein
Pardes Kollel Alumna and Adjunct Faculty