Two Heads Are Better Than One

Published in eJewish Philanthropy, October 15, 2018

Two are better off than one, in that they derive greater benefit from their efforts. For if they should fall, the one will raise up the other, as opposed to if one falls when there is no one to raise him. Ecclesiastes 4:10-11

Ecclesiastes famously teaches us that “Tovim Ha’Shnayim Min Ha’Ehad,” two heads are better than one. In classic Jewish learning circles this is known as Havruta – a methodology that allows for partnered learning. Students are asked to bring their unique perspectives, talents and opinions to the text, thereby enriching the text, and the learning of their partner. It is the core methodology of the Beit Midrash, and the guiding principle behind a recent organizational partnership between Ramah Darom and The Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies.

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