Welcoming Three New Members to the Israel Board

It is an honor to welcome the below alums to our Board of Directors, Israel. We thank them for their ongoing leadership and support.

Michael Brous is a Semester ’99-’00 alumnus. Today he is the Senior Business Development Lead for Growth and Strategic Partnerships at Airbnb and lives with his wife Michal and 3 children in Ra’anana.




Larry Kluger is a Semester ’99 alumnus. Today he is Senior Technical Program Manager of DocuSign Developer Center and lives with his wife Josie Kluger and children in Modi’in.




Lisa Silverman is a Year Program ’97-’98 alumna. Today she serves as Fundraising Counsel to local and global non profits, helping them realize their dreams. She lives with her husband, Year Program ’96-’97 alumnus Josh Levin, and 4 children in Modi’in.