Text Comes Alive at Pardes

Text comes alive at Pardes! Narrated by faculty member Leah Rosenthal, this new video brings to life a passage of Talmud through a dynamic havruta (paired study) between two Pardes students. It showcases Pardes’s unique approach to living text study and our deep-rooted connection to the city of Jerusalem.

The featured story (moed katan 16b) discusses a Rabbinic decree that “you should not teach students in the open public market place.” In our piece, Machane Yehudah shuk (market) represents the public world, immersed in commercialism, exteriors, labeling and practical matters. On the other side is the beit midrash, the cerebral, spiritual world, pursuits of passion and inner life.

Continue the conversation… Does Torah belong equally in both domains? What tensions exist between them? How do they complement each other? We hope to provoke and create debate and continue the conversation among our students, teachers, alumni and the wider Jewish world. Continue the conversation on our Facebook page.