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Program Description

The Pardes Experiential Educators Program - One-Year Certificate in Jewish Studies is a one-year program designed to enrich the careers of experiential Jewish educators through classical Jewish text study, increased Jewish literacy, professional seminars and active participation in the dynamic and diverse community of Pardes.

The Pardes Experiential Educators Program - One-Year Certificate in Jewish Studies includes core components of the Pardes Year Program, plus: experiential education seminar; summer Hebrew language ulpan through Ulpan Or prior to the academic year; educators’ seminars on Jewish history, spirituality, conflict resolution, Jewish thought and Israel Education; mentoring; career coaching, job placement assistance and alumni support. Participants will also engage in an independent project.

Graduates of this program earn a Certificate in Jewish Studies from Pardes.

Recommended Masters Programs

  1. Shoolman Graduate School of Jewish Education at Hebrew College
  2. William Davidson Graduate School of Jewish Education at the Jewish Theological Seminary
  3. Graduate Center for Education at the American Jewish University
  4. Hornstein Jewish Professional Leadership – dual degree program

Special Options

    1. Partnership with Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life. For nominated Hillel professionals.

    1. Partnership with JCC Association's Chizuk Fellow / Jewish Programming Director program.
        Participants can receive one-year's credit toward their two-year commitment by serving two summers as Chizuk Fellows/Jewish Programming Directors at participating JCC camps.

    The Pardes Experiential Educators Program FAQ
    For answers to the most frequently asked questions, see the Pardes FAQ and search The Pardes Experiential Educators Program section.
    For More Information or To Apply

    In Israel

    Gail Kirschner

    +972 2 673 5210 ext 244

    In North America

    Jenna King Brill

    +1 212 447 4333

    Requirements Financialaid Tuition Housing


    1. BA with above-average GPA
    2. Three years of professional experience in experiential Jewish education OR MA in Jewish Education or Jewish Professional Leadership
    Post-program Requirements:

    Employment in North America in experiential Jewish education or Jewish professional leadership
    MA in Jewish Education or Jewish Professional Leadership

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    What Our Students and Alumni Are Saying About PCJE

    In order to teach Jewish text on a college campus, I need to acquire skills for studying Tanach, Philosophy, Hebrew and Halacha. I need to learn how to draw out concepts and insights from text and be able to skillfully illuminate to students the opportunities for richness that engagement with a Jewish life provides. Students should be able to feel connected to the community as a result of exploring their questions through the Jewish canon. College students are most likely to listen to an adult educator who is knowledgeable and passionate about the content of the Jewish canon, and the only way for me to acquire this knowledge is to fully immerse myself in Jewish texts for an extended period of time.

    - Leah Kahn, Pardes Experiential Educators Program '13

    I have now been in Jerusalem at the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies for almost a year. This year I have learned so much inside and outside of the classroom. I have a huge wealth of Jewish text knowledge and Jewish leadership and education skills. I have had the amazing opportunity to look deep into my own practices and beliefs and learn the skills to navigate a lifetime of questioning and faith.

    The Pardes Educators Program is really a once in a lifetime opportunity for someone like me. I know that I am in the right place when I read a text and right away lesson plans start filling my head about exciting ways to teach it to my future students. I am always surrounded by teachers and colleagues who are ready and excited to share in my excitement and curiosity. The passion that I am cultivating here along with the solid skills will set me up for a lifetime of inspiring students to truly care about Judaism and personalize their relationships to our collective memory.

    - Laura Marder, Pardes Educators Program ’12-‘14

    August 26, 2014 - May 28, 2015

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    MARCH 27, 2015
    Pre-Pesach Shabbaton with Yaffa Epstein in Cambridge, MA
    Minyan Tehillah and Temple Beth Shalom, Cambridge MA
    Yaffa Epstein will be at Minyan Tehillah and Temple Beth Shalom in Cambridge, MA Read More
    Lily Oster
    “The ... spiritual commitments and supportive community propelled me through my first semester at Pardes, and I believe that the depths we reached in the class also had transformative effects on the Pardes community at large.” Read More

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