Alumni Microgrants

Have a great idea for a Jewish learning program?

Pardes alumni micro grants provide alumni with opportunities for building community and affecting change in the Jewish world that would otherwise be outside their reach. These grants can be used for a wide variety of initiatives and creative program ideas are welcome. Examples of alumni micro grant initiatives include community batei midrash, Shabbat and holiday programs, and Pardes alumni gatherings.

You are eligible to apply if you completed one or more of the following programs: Year Program, PCJE, Summer Program, Winter Learning Intensive, Spirituality Retreat, Pardes Learning Seminar, Mahloket Matters Fellowship. 

All micro grant programs must include a Jewish learning component, such as a text study, book club, or speaker event centered around Jewish themes/ideas.

Pardes must be listed as a sponsor and the Pardes logo must be included on any marketing/printed materials used for micro grant programs.

Micro grant programs must take place within six months of your application’s approval.

  • Apply for an alumni microgrant. Make sure you are ready to describe your program idea when you start the application.
  • Wait to receive an email with your application approval or follow up questions.
  • If approved, put on the program outlined in your micro grant application.
    Within 30 days of your program, you must submit a program report form (will be emailed to you), which asks for your list of program participants and participant email addresses, a reflection on the program, and at least three photos from the event. You will also need to submit your receipts for the program using this link, so make sure to save your receipts.
  • Receive reimbursement for your program expenses.

If your application is approved, you can spend up to $500 on your program and be reimbursed. Anything above that amount will not be reimbursed by Pardes.

If your program idea changes or you are no longer able to put on the program you described in your application, you must reapply for a micro grant with your new program idea.

Applications will be considered on a rolling basis. Apply for a Pardes alumni micro grant here.

For any questions, please contact Jordyn Steifman, Pardes North America Assistant Director of Online Learning and Alumni Engagement, at