Veronique and Natan Kretz

Year '09-'10

“When you don’t grow up in a traditional Jewish family and then you want to learn, things can seem very complicated,” says Natan Kretz, year student. “Even more complicated when you don’t grow up in a Jewish family at all!” adds his wife, Veronique, who converted to Judaism after an arduous four-year process. “For us,” continues Natan, “The most important thing was to find a place to learn as adults, and to learn together, where we could say ‘I don’t know’ and not feel bad about that. Pardes is a great place for Jews of all nationalities. Our commonality as Jews, and as young Jews who want to learn and to ask questions, is far greater than anything that might divide us. Everyone is so welcoming to us and very helpful. At Pardes we can be who we are – Jewishly and culturally. I ask many simple questions in my classes, and I feel very comfortable.”

Natan and Veronique Kretz, Strasbourg, France
Veronique – University Robert Schuman; Major: Law, Minor: Philosophy
Natan – University March Bloch, Strausbourg; Major: History