Capital Campaign

A new campus will give Pardes the ability to significantly expand its enrollment. Pardes already has the incredible faculty and staff it needs to give Jewish students everything classical text study has to offer– it simply needs the resources and space to carry out that mission.

If you would like to contribute to the capital campaign or if you have questions, please contact Joshua Chadajo, Executive Director in North America at

From our Donors


“My family and I are committed to helping Pardes grow. We are committed to a new campus that represents our future. And we are committed to a Jewish future in which Pardes continues to develop the caliber of leadership that can address our unprecedented challenges. We hope you will join with us to make this new campus a reality.”– David Shapira, Pittsburgh, PA



“There are few investments one can make that will impact the future of the Jewish people to the degree than an investment in Pardes will. What we do at Pardes makes a signicant difference in the lives of all young Jews. That is why my wife Libby and I are so dedicated to this project. We hope you will join us in strengthening the next generation of Jewish leaders.”– Moshe Werthan, Jerusalem, Israel