Moving to Jerusalem is an important part of experiencing Israel and living here. Pardes’s diverse student body has a range of housing preferences and students prefer to choose their own housing arrangements. By renting your own apartment, you get to choose your roommates, location and living style and make your experience in Jerusalem truly your own. For this reason Pardes does not offer dormitories.

However, we do have housing resources to help you find the best place to live for you. Once you are accepted to Pardes, you can join the housing listserve by emailing Karen Feuer (click here). You can also look on websites such as Craigslist Israel (English), Yad2 (Hebrew), and Janglo (English) for apartment listings and roommates.

Many of our students choose to live together. The Pardes Facebook page for your program is a great way to connect with others and organize living arrangements. Once you are accepted to Pardes, you will be invited to join your year’s group.

Yes. We post a list of resources for finding housing, as well as temporary housing solutions such as low-cost youth hostels and hotels where you can stay until you find permanent housing. Upon acceptance to Pardes, you will be able to sign up for our Yahoo housing group, which offers a list of available rentals in the area and through which you can post messages to prospective roommates.