Senior Educator Learning Fellowship

This exclusive 13-month fellowship is designed to inspire senior congregational school educators with ongoing Jewish learning and equip them with new approaches for engaging with real-world challenges using Jewish texts.

Fellowship participants will be immersed in a cohort-based experience of rich Torah study and professional growth. Supported by expert mentors, they will also plan and implement exciting and important projects for their congregational schools.

The Senior Educator Learning Fellowship will begin with a two-week online intensive this summer, including a course on Pardes’s unique Mahloket Matters approach to multiple-perspective-focused text study.

This approach aims to equip participants with valuable life skills for today’s polarized world, and to empower them to bring this approach into their classrooms and school communities.

The Fellowship will continue in the fall, winter, and spring with monthly webinars. Additionally, each fellow will work with an expert mentor on crafting, designing, and implementing a project for their congregational school. Seed funding of up to $2,000 will be available for each project.

The Fellowship will culminate with a fully-funded trip to Israel in summer 2022 for a three-week in-person learning intensive at Pardes in Jerusalem.

The Senior Educator Learning Fellowship will select 20 congregational school senior educators and teacher-leaders with at least six years of synagogue teaching experience. Fellows must both teach and interface with students, and also have the capacity to have an impact at their congregational schools beyond the classroom walls.

This exclusive 13-month fellowship includes:

  • A two-week Online Learning Intensive from July 26-August 6, 2021, running Monday-Friday, 9:30 am-3 pm EDT
  • Monthly Interactive Group Webinars from September 2021-May 2022, plus designing and implementing individual congregational school projects
  • Funded three-week In-Person Learning Intensive in Jerusalem, summer 2022

Synagogues will be asked to contribute $500 for each participating fellow.

Email Rachel Margolin at for more information.

Application deadline: April 30, 2021

Applications are now closed. Please consider applying to one of the other Pardes programs geared toward Jewish Educators.