Refund Policy (as of March 27, 2020)

We are moving forward with planning for exciting learning experiences in the months ahead. We do so with hopes that the spread of the virus will have abated by the summer, and that travel and communal gatherings will be permissible once again. However, we appreciate the uncertainty of this moment and understand that you may be reluctant to make plans.

For this reason, we will offer full refunds for these programs up to two weeks before the program start date.

Many airlines are making similar accommodations, so we encourage people to consider applying in the event that it’s deemed safe to travel. Notable upcoming programs include:

Registering for these impactful learning experiences now, knowing that you will be able to cancel if need be, is in itself a statement of hope and an affirmation that we encourage you to make.

Program-Specific Policies

Year/Semester Program

  • A tuition deposit of $300 is due by June 1, 2020.
  • The deposit and all tuition payments are refundable in full until Aug. 16, 2020.