Pardes European Leadership Fellows

Program Description

The Pardes European Leadership Fellowship is open to emerging Jewish leaders (ages 20-36) from across Europe who are passionate about building community and eager to gain knowledge and skills to help create vibrant and meaningful Jewish life. Fellows participate full-time in the Pardes Year Program in Jerusalem, delving into classic Jewish texts and core Jewish ideas.

Fellows will receive a guaranteed living expenses grant ranging from $300-$500/month (exact amount determined by financial need) AND receive highly subsidized Year Program tuition: $3,000 discount for those not eligible for Masa Israel Journey funding, and $2,000 discount for those eligible for Masa funding.*

The Fellowship cohort meets monthly for special guest speakers and workshops, and fellows work closely with Pardes staff to bring open, relevant and rich Jewish learning back to their home communities.

*There may be additional sources of funding available for candidates employed as full-time Jewish professionals.

Candidates must fill out BOTH the 2020-21 Year Program application and the Fellowship application. Applications for this fellowship will be considered on a rolling basis so please be in touch.

Limited slots available. Contact to learn more, or to apply.

Year Program Classes and Communal Experiences
Fellows participate fully in the Pardes Year Program, which combines classic Jewish text study with the exploration of ethical, spiritual, philosophical, legal and societal issues facing the Jewish people today. Both in and out of the classroom, this dynamic community engages in honest and constructive debate, leading to serious personal reflection and growth. Students leave Pardes with refined critical thinking, improved communication, interpersonal and Jewish text skills, and more nuanced and sensitive perspectives on Judaism, Israel and their own role in the world.

Students participate in seminar-style classes and havruta (partner study), and create a tailored program to reflect their interests. Classes include Talmud, Bible, Jewish Philosophy, Modern Jewish History, Spirituality, Social Justice and much more. A new Ikarim (Essentials) track explores core Jewish concepts, the Jewish calendar, customs and rituals.

Click here for more information about the Year Program, including a sample weekly schedule. Fellows join the rest of the Year Program for extended trips around Israel, Shabbat experiences, and more – see the Student Life page for more information.

Enrichment for European Leadership Fellows
Fellows meet monthly as a cohort to reflect on their experiences, set goals, and hear from speakers active in global Jewish issues and leadership initiatives. In addition, fellows work individually with Pardes to coordinate faculty visits to their home communities and/or to help build relationships between Pardes and local European Jewish leaders and organizations.

Highlights from recent workshops included:

  • Caron Sethill, Programme Manager Europe, National Library of Israel
  • Kiva Rabinsky, M2: The Institute for Experiential Jewish Education
  • Clare Goldwater, Director of Education, Yesod
  • Rabbi David Levin-Kruss, Director of Education, Europe, JDC
  • Professor Sergio Della Pergola, demographer

Fellows have also been chosen to participate as Pardes representatives in various retreats and events throughout Europe, sponsored by Moishe House, Limmud, Yesod, Junction, Masa Israel Journey and more.


Fall Semester 2020
Aug. 31, 2020 – Jan. 7, 2021

Spring Semester 2021
Jan. 17, 2021 – May 27, 2021

Pardes is an open, co-ed and non-denominational institution. No specific lifestyle or ritual commitment is expected of students, and we celebrate the wide range of ideologies, practices and traditions within the larger Jewish community and at Pardes in particular. Communal events follow traditional halakhic (Jewish law) guidelines in terms of Kashrut (kosher food) and Shabbat practice, with a diversity of prayer options.

  • Applicants of all genders and Jewish backgrounds* are welcome to apply.
  • No previous experience with Jewish text study is required; Pardes seeks applicants of all levels who are motivated to deepen their Jewish knowledge and strengthen their text skills.
  • Candidates must have English language proficiency (speaking, reading & comprehension).

*Pardes accepts students who are considered Jewish by matrilineal or patrilineal descent, or through conversion. Note that the State of Israel (for Visa purposes) and Masa Israel Journey (for grant purposes) may require varying types of “Proof of Judaism” documentation from residents of specific European countries.

Pardes students live and learn in Jerusalem. Classes take place at Pardes, in the Talpiot neighborhood and students live independently in local apartments. Students enjoy local day trips and several extended trips around the country.

My year at Pardes has been one of the most influential and enjoyable of my life. As someone heading into my 30’s and mid-career years, the chance to invest in my Jewish learning for a year has been an immense privilege and deeply enriching. I will head back to the UK a more passionate, knowledgeable and confident educator, with a deeper belief than ever for promoting a Judaism that is open, informed and a force for good in the world.

Miriam Lorie (2016-17), London, England

There are no words to express how much I learned both inside and outside classes. Pardes made every single day meaningful. I now have the tools to take responsibility for the future of my Jewish journey and I have a better idea of what direction I want to take.

Rossella Tercatin (2014-15), Milan, Italy

Fellows who are eligible for Masa scholarships will receive tuition scholarships of $2,000 off, while fellows who are ineligible for Masa will receive $3,000 off tuition for the year (full-time Year Program tuition before the discount: $5,900). Fellows will also be awarded a living stipend ranging from $300-500/month (exact amount based on financial need). Additional funding may be available in specific cases.

Please note: Applicants must complete the Year Program Application, a short supplemental Fellowship Application and the Masa Israel Grant Application (if applicable).
For more information, contact