Summer Pedagogy Intensive

Program Description

This program incorporates intensive pedagogy webinars paired with one-on-one mentoring and independent work designed to provide essential and practical pedagogical training to novice teachers. Participants will begin the upcoming academic year with a systematic approach to lesson planning and the ability to design educationally-sound curricular units. In addition, they will be equipped with a variety of tools for engaging students and establishing a positive classroom culture.

Participants can choose either an entirely virtual experience or can opt to come to Pardes this summer and pair their pedagogy webinars with in-person learning with the Pardes Summer Program and in-person mentoring.

From a 2020 Summer Pedagogy Intensive participant:

It was great working with the JSITT educators. I felt very inspired to become a better teacher and understand the students and their actions. I really enjoyed planning lessons with my mentor and I felt confident in teaching. I enjoyed the lectures that taught me so much important information and techniques. I loved the whole experience and I’m very thankful for this opportunity.

– Eden A., Lauder Ort Jewish Elementary School

Participants will engage in six hours of interactive webinars per week, to be complemented by one-on-one mentoring designed to help participants apply their learning from the webinars to their own curriculum designing and lesson planning. Participants can expect to devote about 15 hours a week to the program.

More detail about the webinar topics:

  • Introduction to an Understanding by Design approach to designing curriculum to ensure that learning goals and authentic summative assessment is what drives teacher’s planning
  • Step-by-step walkthrough of systematic lesson planning (with a focus on formative assessment), which is aligned with a unit’s larger goals
  • Exploration of several techniques (many Jewish studies specific) and resources that help teachers engage students in Jewish studies learning (havruta, bibliodrama, facilitating class discussion, thinking routines)
  • Introduction to some practical ways to approach establishing a positive class culture and classroom management

The Summer Pedagogy Intensive is designed both for Jewish studies teachers already working at a day school and for those who plan to begin teaching at the start of the upcoming school year. Participants should already have subject knowledge background but little-to-no formal pedagogy training.

The 12 two-hour-long pedagogy webinars will run online between July 5 – 28 from 12:15 – 2:15 PM Eastern. (Exact dates of the webinars are TBD.)

The (up to) nine hours of 1-on-1 virtual mentoring are rather flexible but should be scheduled between the middle of June and early August of 2022.

The optional in-person beit midrash Torah classes will run at Pardes in Jerusalem between July 10 – 28.

This program costs $1,600 USD. Please inquire about the possibility of receiving a reduced rate.
Please note: Final admittance into the program is dependent upon a commitment of payment of the program fee.

Email Rachel Friedrichs at for more information or click here to apply now.