Prepping for Passover with Pardes North America

Prep for Passover with two new online classes!

Both classes are being held free of charge with a suggested donation of $36. Donations to Pardes can be made here.

Learn the practical Torah you need to prepare your home for Passover with Rabbi Zvi Hirschfield.

The classes are over but you can still watch the videos below!



Session 1: What is Chametz and How Do We Destroy It?

Session 2: Kashering Utensils and Kitchen for Pesach

Session 3: The Mitzvot of Seder Night

Behind the Veil: An Inside Look at the Passover Story Through the Eyes of its Main Protagonist, Moses 

One of the best ways to get inside a story is to get inside one character’s perspective—their heart, soul and experience. This three-part class will tell the biblical Pesach story—of exodus and redemption- through the personal and often overlooked story of its protagonist, Moshe. Torah scholar Dr. Aviva Zornberg reminds us that Moses, according to the biblical account, is a “biographical challenge.” Lucky for us, we have two wonderful tools with which to mine his story—the ‘supplementary’ material found in midrashic texts and the poetic (albeit enigmatic) form of the biblical text itself. Join Professor Ziva R. Hassenfeld for this three-part session where we tell the Pesach story from Moshe’s viewpoint.


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Session 1: Moshe’s Early Life

Session 2: Not an Easy Path

Session 3: Thursday, April 14: 12:00-1:15 pm EDT / 9:00-10:15 am PDT

Learn at your own pace with several Passover-themed podcasts!

The “Mitzvah” of Hametz: Human Creativity, Ingenuity and Desire


The first two chapters of Mishnah Tractate Pesakhim focus on the essence of hametz. The concept is presented on its own and not in relation to or corresponding to matzah. Why are we required to check for hametz? When, why and how should we destroy hametz? What is the relationship between hametz and rabbinic creativity? Join Rav Rahel Berkovits in learning these mishnayot to find out.

Prepare to Experience Inner Freedom and Liberation.

Join Yiscah Smith as she explores excerpts from Rav Kook’s deep and spiritually infused commentaries on the Passover Haggadah. These profound teachings will guide us as we move along the path to discover aspects of our true essence – the image of the Divine in Whom we have been created and Who continues to dwell within us. This awareness will allow us to not only approach the Seder experience in a more informed, inspired and indeed prepared way, but also to experience individual and personal spiritual redemption, as we celebrate the “time of our freedom.”

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