Pre-Rabbinic Forum (Monthly programming and ongoing guidance)

The Pre-Rabbinic Forum is designed to enrich the Pardes experience of students who are considering, planning, or already pursuing a career in the rabbinate. Students will be mentored by an advisor with rabbinic training and experience, who will help ensure that they are maximizing their learning opportunities, especially in ways that will best prepare them for rabbinical school. This advisor also acts as a liaison with various rabbinical schools. In addition, students will have the opportunity to meet with interesting rabbinic personalities who live in (or are visiting) Jerusalem, in order to broaden and deepen their appreciation for the possibilities of the rabbi as Jewish leader. The Forum brings together students of different religious observance patterns and belief systems and seeks to enrich their understanding of the whole Jewish community, especially as many will attend denominational rabbinical schools.

The Forum is facilitated by Howard Markose.