PNA Programs

Standing at the intersection between deep torah study and engagement

At Pardes North America, We Believe that Depth and Accessibility Should Not be Mutually Exclusive

Pardes North America (PNA) seeks to embody both meanings of the Hebrew word “PaRDeS.” On the one hand, it refers to the four different levels of deep textual study, signifying that PNA always goes deep into text within an intimate community. Pardes also means “orchard,” open on all sides, symbolizing that PNA is open to all people regardless of Jewish background. An orchard is a place where people can find refuge and a deep sense of community. It is a place to be nourished and a place to plant seeds for the future.

Utilizing Jewish Wisdom to Heal our Broken Discourse 
A learning series with source sheets, videos and teacher guides bringing the best of Jewish wisdom and social psychology to help ground us in deep values and master practical skills that can help repair public discourse for ourselves, our families, our community, and our society.

Making Torah Accessible Wherever You are
Bringing the full array of Pardes learning to everyone through a variety of online classes, podcast series, educational resources and special days of learning (Yimei Iyyun). Pardes Online hosts a wide spectrum of events throughout the year.

Learning Always Means More in a Community
In addition to offering a variety of classes, PNA also creates several series of fellowships that feature more high intensity cohort-based learning. These fellowships provide community engagers with opportunities to apply this learning to create new Jewish learning circles.

Pardes North America is There for all Pardes Alumni
Supporting Pardes alumni is core to the mission of PNA. We are there to help keep alive and strengthen the connection alumni have to the larger Pardes family, and to provide new powerful learning opportunities.


Concierge Jewish Coaching: 
If one of the above programs does not meet your needs, PNA faculty are available to meet with you one-on-one and develop a customized approach to Jewish learning that can keep you growing and inspired.

For more information contact Darielle Schandler at

Pardes North America Faculty:

Rabbi Mike Uram
Philadelphia, PA

Rabba Shani Gross
Berkeley, CA

Professor Ziva Hassenfeld
Boston, MA

Rabbi Brent Spodek
Beacon, NY