In-Service Educator Professional Development by The Pardes Center for Jewish Educators

One of the most important things Jewish educators can do is model life-long learning. Taking the time to invest in yourself as a learner and as a professional is an effective way to grow as an educator, deepen your impact on students, and remain inspired!

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Who: Novice day school educators
When: July 2023 – July 2024
Format: Online (optional in-person summer component at Pardes in Jerusalem)

Who: Jewish educators who could benefit from a mentor or thought partner
When: Dates are flexible and tailored for participants
Format: Online

Who: Day school, congregational, and adult educators – novice or experienced
When: July 3-20, 2023
Format: In-person at Pardes in Jerusalem

Who: Senior congregational school administrators and teachers
When: July 2023-May 2024
Format: In-person convenings at the start and end of the program with interim online mentoring and webinars

Who: Novice day school educators
When: July 2023
Format: Online (optional in-person component at Pardes in Jerusalem)

Who: Adult Jewish educators
When: 6 sessions July 3-20, 2023
Format: In person, integrated into the Pardes Summer Program

Who: Experienced day school educators
When: Runs during an academic year: Late August – end of May
Format: In-person at Pardes in Jerusalem

Who: Newer congregational school teachers or other educators seeking more Jewish content knowledge
Format: Online

Who: Young women who attend or work at Jerusalem-based seminaries
When: September – December 2023
Format: In-person at Pardes in Jerusalem

Who: Alumni of PCJE’s Day School & Experiential Educator Programs
When: Ongoing during the first few years of teaching and beyond