The Pardes Tefilah Education Initiative:

The Pardes Tefilah Education Initiative will energize, professionalize and transform the field of tefilah education in North America. This initiative consists of running whole school professional development to transform school tefilah, producing the groundbreaking tefilah education guide entitled Reimagining Tefilah Education: Guidelines for Schools, running a Tefilah Education Conference for Day School Administrators (summer 2019), and recently launching a first of its kind Online Tefilah Resource Database.  

More details about this trailblazing initiative can be found here.

Pardes thanks the AVI CHAI Foundation for its generous support of the Tefilah Education Initiative.

Mahloket Matters:

Many of the most heated ideological and political conflicts in the world today arise from the contradictory ways various groups interpret their reality and texts. From religious and historical texts to the texts of social and mainstream media, conflicting groups find themselves in ever deepening narrative divides, with little to no ability to understand and engage in meaningful and constructive disagreement.

At the core of the traditional beit midrash (house of study) is the in-depth havruta (study partners) of diverse and often contradictory interpretations of primary Jewish texts, commonly known as a mahloket (disagreement). The hypothesis of The Beit Midrash Way is that a methodology of studying texts such as Biblical conflict narratives, together with conflicting historical precedents, can positively impact people’s ability to understand, interpret and engage more constructively in conflicting political and ideological issues today.

Suitable for your synagogue, federation, campus, school and communal study groups; Join us in classic rigorous and relevant text study that seeks to empower your community to understand and engage in political and ideological disagreements more constructively.

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