Celebrate Hanukah with Pardes North America

During a holiday where there is both darkness and light, where we retreat indoors and shine brightly from the windowsill, go on a journey with Pardes North America to find meaning in the discord within our tradition.

For each night, a new podcast episode will be released, offering insight and reflection from Pardes faculty on tensions within the holiday.

Join PNA for the eight nights of Hanukah starting on Sunday, December 18!

Featuring Rabbi Dr. Meesh Hammer-Kossoy

Rav Hutner suggests that the Greek campaign to make us forget Torah succeeded, and that we are better off for it.

Featuring Professor Ziva R. Hassenfeld

Learning how to reclaim the simplicity of the mitzvah of lighting the Hanukah candles. 


Featuring Rabbi Leon Morris

The Rabbis debated the precise way of performing the mitzvah of Hanukkah candles in ways that leave a treasure trove of symbolic meaning in its wake.

Featuring Rabba Yaffa Epstein, Senior Scholar and Educator in Residence at the Jewish Education Project

Learn how an obscure Halacha about the placement of the Hanukiah can help us repair our broken world.


Featuring Rabba Shani Gross

Learn how the Talmudic sages wrestle with the question of how to balance the deep yearning to live proudly as Jews with the very real threat trying to live openly as a religious minority can pose.

Featuring Rabbi Jonathan Leener

This d’var Torah explores the different methods of dealing with evil in the world through the teachings of the Ishbitzer Rebbe.

Featuring Aviva Lauer

Who was Judith and what does she have to do with Hanukah? And if we listen closely, might we hear her harmonize along with Deborah the Prophetess, who sang her own song a thousand years earlier than Judith did?

Featuring Rabbi Brent Spodek

Transitioning into a new month and praying for renewal and growth, bright as a fully lit Hanukiah.

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